02 January, 2015

Le Meilleur du Meilleur

17 November, 2014

08 September, 2014

Wine Lips

 I used to avoid drinking red wine in public because it stains my lips and I would look like a vampire. It seems that this fall (2014) it is trendy to apply the lipstick like a stain. Super easy AND you can drink more red wine in public, no one is going to see the difference! 

What do you think about this trend? :)

Lipstick: Revlon, Violet Frenzy
Lip pencil: Annabelle, Natural Rose
Eye shadows: MAC, Shadowy Lady and GESSO
Eye liner: Personnelle, Black 

A N A S T A S I A 

15 August, 2014

Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Collection

I am happy to announce that one of the Converse Fall 2014 collections is the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Collection! These boots keep your feet warm and dry so they can be worn even during the cold days of winter. Choose your color! Red, yellow, black, or white. 

31 July, 2014

Converse Fall 2014 Preview

Hello my darlings! 

The Converse Fall 2014 Press Preview was last week and I received an invitation to attend it. I was thrilled about it! I love to get sneak peaks before everyone. The event gathered the best fashion bloggers from Montreal at the fine Nelligan hotel situated in the Old Port. Tables were placed all around the room with sneakers on them and we were given tours with information about each collection. Before that day I considered the Converse sneakers being the white and black basics that everyone should have in their wardrobe. I wasn't aware that they are available in so many styles and colors! There are unisex sneakers, sport sneakers, for winter, for summer, with sparkles, with prints, made of crafted material, and the list goes on. Even the classical ones that are very popular in Europe can be bought with zippers so it takes less time to put them on. 

Some collections represent collaborations with new designers. I am happy to announce that Converse is collaborating with Missoni this fall. Isn't that great?! I will soon let you know about another awesome collaboration within the Converse family, so stay tuned! 

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a pair of classical black and white sneakers. I never had a pair of Converse before. I was the only one coming in high heels at the event because my previous sneakers are out of service now, so it was about time! :)


The leopard 70's inspired. 

The grey made of crafted material, my favorite ones! They match with absolutely every attire. 

04 July, 2014

What color suits you the best?

Hello everyone! 

As you can see I switched the language. I'm still going to write articles in French. But since I come from Moldova and I have lots of friends internationally who don't speak French, I decided that I want to reach a wider range of people. I didn't apply my English skills since I studied in Health Sciences at an English College in Quebec city, but I'm going to try to make it happen. 

I am also determined to start doing videos on Youtube where I will most happily share my knowledge and expertise about natural products, and their affect on physical and mental beauty. After all it is one of my biggest passions. If there is anything in specific that you would like to see me discuss on these videos, please let me know! 

Speaking of Youtube, I just found these two very helpful videos by Mimi Ikonn that indicate how to discover what colors suit you best when it comes to your wardrobe. I use these tricks when I style someone, but I never actually categorized them by season. So even I have a long way to go when it comes to fashion knowledge, but after all it is not as strict as it seems and fashion is ultimately about having fun. So what season are you? 

Have fun on your next shopping spree & talk to you very soon! ;)